Aurum new works by Parson at Michael Warren Contemporary / by Collin Parson

Aurum new works by Collin Parson
Michael Warren Contemporary, Denver
April 26 - June 4, 2016
Opening Reception: Thursday, April 28, 2016 6-8 p.m.
Artist Talk: Saturday, May 7th

Known for his light boxes and large installations, Denver artist Collin Parson will be featured in a solo exhibition of new works at Michael Warren Contemporary on Santa Fe Drive, Denver from April 26 - June 4, 2016. Known for using light to create environments and influence perception, Parson continues his ongoing investigation of light and spaceControlling these combined elements help capture the vivid demonstrations of the principles of geometrics, light, space, color, and dimension. The chemical symbol for the element of gold is Au, taken from the latin word Aurum, which means "shining dawn". Using gold mirrored acrylic as his primary medium, lasers are used to fabricate the simple geometric shapes that reflect one's surroundings in a tinted gold color. Parson, for the first time, has also has scaled down his larger light shapes from his Divided series that continue to celebrate the intrigue of light and it's properties. Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center Curator Joy Armstrong stated in a recently released catalog about the artist "What matters most is the acknowledgment of light's significant presence in our lives; when we find ourselves slowed and contemplative because of the constructed manipulation of the intangible element, then the artist has achieved his intent".